Day 17 – The Plains

We left St. Mary yesterday with the view of Glacier Park’s magnificent peaks in the rear view mirror. A brief sadness overcame me as I realized I wouldn’t see mountains like this for weeks. But we conquered them and now we’re in prime shape to rack up the miles on the plains, with the prevailing winds at our backs. There were three minor hills as we made our way to Browning, official seat for the Blackfeet Nation where “Indian Days” was taking place (more on that later). We took advantage of the last hill to set a new speed record at 45mph as we could see the road stretch for miles. 

The Reservation didn’t offer the typical diners we’ve become accustomed to for breakfast but Taco John’s offered enough sustenance to power us on to Cut Bank, “Where the Rockies Meet the Plains”. 

This morning (Monday) we woke to the warmest morning temperature yet, 68 degrees versus the typical low 50’s of recent weeks. And the wind was blowing from the West just as it had all night. 

We set a new average speed record of 18.4mph on the route to Shelby (US2 East) and found the perfect diner to make my stoker happy, which is VERY important. 

Refueled, we mounted up again and enjoyed mile after mile of 25-30mph cruising. That certainly helped as we set a new distance record of 96 miles. 

The Stoker is now resting in her bunk, enjoying ice cream while the Captain and Rig Driver enjoy the local bar at our RV “park” in Hingham, MT. 

Captain Juan

3 thoughts on “Day 17 – The Plains

  1. thinking of you guys every day and so proud you made it over the big mountains. looks like it may have been chilly but that won’t last. seattle’s weather has been amazing. we miss you


  2. My Mom spent a good part of her childhood living in Cutbank on the family farm, with dirt floors and real cowboys. At your speed, you guys probably blinked and were past the town!
    Get ready for some HOT conditions…


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