Day 7 Sun Lakes to Davenport

What a beautiful morning to set out on a ride east across the great state of Washington! It’s a cool 62 degrees as we start pedaling at 6:40am. We “rested” yesterday so it took a few miles to get our muscles back into the routine but we feel good. Breakfast in Wilbur, 33 miles down the road. Then another 30 miles to Davenport as the heat increased. The Rig is now parked in the shade at the city park and we’re enjoying the free community pool.

Mileage: 62.5 (the average we need for all our riding days)

Bugs swallowed: 1

Wheat Fields: endless

Clif Bloks consumed: 18

Playlist: Natalie Merchant Ophelia, Dire Straits, Indigo Girls, Van Morrison Wavelength , a Grateful Dead mix.

Road Carnage: 1 deer carcass, 2 birds, a porcupine, and 1 very large ground squirrel.

Olivia made some new friends 😊

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