Day 5 Orondo to Sun Lakes

Right off the bat, we rode up a 6 mile hill, 2,000 feet! It was exhausting! We eventually had to turn off onto a side road, and continued uphill. This was when we ran into our first intimidating dog. It ran up to us and started barking at us right at our feet. But it never tried to bite us, and didn’t have the meanest face, so we refrained from spraying the pepper spray, and it ran off. Continuing on the side road, we ran into some literal road blocks. Fallen rocks and collapsed road made us have to carry the bike over the obsticals. It was quite a workout! But we eventually made it back onto solid road and continued on farmland roads until Waterville. This was such a cute little town where we stopped and had a delightful breakfast. Claude was an amazing cook we meet at Kopey’s Cafe. He made us omlets, eggs, and bacon that was absolutely delicious! After this strong and nutritious breakfast, we continued riding along the plateau. It was blisteringly hot, and painfully strait. But along the strait rode, I just drifted into my thoughts and the time passed more easily. Towards he end of our trip that day, we stopped at the Dry Falls Visitor Center. We got a milkshake and learned about the dramatic scenery. On the plateau, there were huge canyons. In this location, during the ice age, here used to be an enourmous waterfall caused by a break in an ice dam. It’s was quite fascinating. After we continued on, we made it to camp right next to a lake. We relaxed and cooled of in the lake. And when we were eating dinner, the wind picked up, and was rattling our awning very roughly. We had to scramble to quickly bring it in before the wind broke it. I am excited for more fun adventures!

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