Training Ride 5/27

Hey guys, this is Olivia with another training ride post. Today we rode about 45 miles as we went on a Woodinville I-90 loop. For the first half of the ride, there was so much fluff in the air from Cottonwood Trees. It looked life it was snowing! As I sat on the back of our tandem, I tried to catch pieces of fluff, but was sadly unsuccessful. but it was still fun to ride through! For lunch we stopped at Starbucks and my dad got a much healthier meal than I did. But my chocolate cake pop sure was delicious! If he wants me to pus him across the county, he’s going to need to feed me a lot! towards the end of our ride, we stopped off at our local bike shop and got some more accessories for the bike. Although we only rode 45 miles, these next few days will be a taste of our average day this summer. We plan to also go on a bike ride tomorrow and the next day.

Until next time!

-Olivia Carpenter

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